A Sampling of Books We’ve Helped Deliver

The sampling of books showcased here were helped on their way by Winged Books:

  • For publishing companies, we provided interior design and production.
  • For authors, we shepherded titles through the entire publishing process.

Carole Howard’s About Face – Print and eBook Editions


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In About Face, Ruth is battling so many demons, she doesn’t know where to not-look first. There’s the work front, the home front, and her own body. Eventually, she has to turn her life upside down so she doesn’t feel like she’s living it inside out. “You’re going to love Ruth Talbot, a 50-something cosmetic executive, who is engaged in a fiery power struggle with her new boss, and has a younger co-worker yearning for her job and willing to do almost anything to undermine her.” Read more about Carole at carolejhoward.wordpress.com

Gretchen Gibbs’s The Book of Maggie Bradstreet – Print and eBook Editions

Maggie_Feb13 copy

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In Maggie Bradstreet’s diary, excitement turns to horror as more and more people are accused of witchcraft, and her best friend’s mother is taken off to jail. The Book of Maggie Bradstreet is based on historical records. Salem’s witch trials are well-known, but what happened in nearby Andover is an untold and remarkable story. “Gretchen Gibbs brings Puritan New England to life. Too gutsy for her own time, Maggie is a girl today’s readers will understand. The novel is a page-turner–part mystery, part romance, part coming-of-age story. Struggling against witchcraft hysteria, Maggie is a bewitching heroine.” Read more about Gretchen at glenmerepress.com

Terrie Farley Moran’s The Awareness and Other Deadly Tales – eBook Edition

new display cover

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In this collection of short mystery fiction, the title story tells of an avenger with a supernatural twist. The final story, “When a Bright Star Fades,” brings an edge of redemption to a 1930’s noir. In between are five stories that range from family relationships, to courtroom drama. “Ms. Moran must be a shape-shifter because she manages to slip into each character’s skin and speak in a voice that is true and unique. Her range is remarkable. I was sorry when the book ended, but these are the kind of stories I know I’ll go back to.”

Read more about Terrie . . .

Deirdre Verne’s Water Under the Bridge – eBook Edition


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In this short mystery, the water keeps rising and there’s nothing Sandra Moody can do about it. Sandra’s incessant digging into why ruffles feathers, and answers seem to dry up faster than an oasis mirage.

Deirdre Verne’s Buzz Killer – eBook Edition


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In this short mystery, campus roommates try to save their housemate from arrest after a night doused with drugs, alcohol, and deception. The star quarterback may be dead, but one thing is for sure: their friendships will never be the same.

Read more about Deirdre at http://www.deirdreverne.com

Peggy Ehrhart’s Sweet Man is Gone – eBook Edition

Sweet Man is Gone Cover

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In this mystery novel, Blues-singer Maxx Maxwell is smart, talented, and gorgeous–at least since she had her nose fixed, went blonde, and bought a push-up bra. Her band, Maxximum Blues, is really taking off, thanks to the talents of her heartbreakingly handsom guitarist Jimmy Nashville. But then Jimmy plunges to his death from the window of his ninth-floor apartment.

 “Maxx’s debut has a real feel for the bar-music scene and a gutsy, believable sleuth.” – Kirkus Review (5/15/08)

Read more about Peggy at http://www.peggyehrhart.com

Peggy Ehrhart’s Got No Friend Anyhow – eBook Edition

Got No Friend Anyhow cover

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In the second Maxx Maxwell mystery, Prowling Rooster Records is Maxx’s label of choice. Her quest to find her CD producer’s real killer gets her in trouble with his peculiar business partners and leads to the sad secret he kept hidden. Maxx’s quest is complicated by a rooster with personality to spare and by her old boyfriend Sandy, who’s determined to win her back. In classic whodunit style, it takes the reader on a ride that keeps pages turning all the way to a dramatic and unexpected climax.

” I loved the characters, the locale, the mystery, and the music. I loved it all. And can’t wait for more.”


Anita Page’s Damned If You Don’t – eBook Edition

Damned If You Don't Cover

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Hannah Fox can’t turn her back when a friend’s land is targeted by a fraudulent eminent domain scheme that threatens her Catskill Mountain town. When the developer behind the scheme is murdered and her young friend becomes a suspect, Hannah probes the dead man’s shameful past. She faces hard choices, convinced the murder was a heroic act even when it’s clear she may be the killer’s next victim.

“Hannah Fox reached out and grabbed me. She’s a richly-drawn protagonist. She jumps from the pages and makes the reader listen up.”

Read more about Anita at anitapagewriter.blogspot.com